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Ball Valves


Stauff have a large range of ball valves that are suitable for nearly any system.

Materials: Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel

Up to 800 bar, +500C

Full size ports virtually eliminate pressure drops

Two Way Ball Valves and Multi Way Ball Valves

BSP, SAE, NPT, Metric, and SAE Flanged connectors available

Flow Control Valves


Throttle and shut off valves

Max 350 bar

-20C ... +120C

Pressure compensation available



Check Valves

Allows only a single direction of flow

Max 500 bar

-20C ... +100C


Mueller Valves


2mm to 250mm sizes available

2 way and 3 way configurations


Suitable for vacuum, and up to 500 bar

Large flow rates for all materials such as gasses and slurries

Pneumatic or Hydraulic Powered



Control Valve Block


Monoblock valves

Sectional valves


Load sensing valves

Gear pumps and motors



Velocity Fuse

velocityfuse The MHS Safety Fuse is designed to hold a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder under load in position for an extended period in the event of accidental loss of hydraulic pressure (i.e. hydraulic hose or pipe burst)


The MHS Safety Fuse is normally open to permit the normal rated flow of return oil from the cylinder. Should the hydraulic pressure fail for any reason the valve will close because of the sudden increase of velocity of return flow and lock the cylinder and load in position until the pressure is restored. The valve can be adjusted to close at different flow rates. The valve is installed in the cylinder port so there can be no failure between the valve and the cylinder it protects.




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