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Coolant Reclaiming and Filtration Cart


900 litre cart MHD396

MHD396-300 8250w
300 litre cart MHD396-300

MHD 396-2200 6 250w
2200 litre skid MHD396-2200



The MHS Coolant Reclaiming Cart allows the retrieval, storage, filtration, and dispensing of coolant from machinery or engines.

The cart allows the coolant to be evacuated, filtered and stored during maintenance operations. Once the maintenance has been completed the coolant is filtered again and pumped back into the equipment. As the radiator coolant passes through the filter twice it ensures the fluid is clean. Additionally, the cost of fluid replacement and disposal is significantly reduced.


  • 300 litre (MHD 396-300)

  • 900 litre (MHD 396)

  • 2200 litre (MHD 396-2200, skid mounted only)


  • Air pump

  • 5μm filter

  • Spring-return hose reel

  • Customer specified radiator connection

The cart can also be equipped to carry an IBC for dispensing only


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