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20 Litre Dispenser - MHD400

The MHS 20L Drum Dispenser consists of a rugged and compact dispensing unit with a hand pump, 10μm filter and 10μm breather. By completely sealing the unit and filtering the fluid, contamination is significantly reduced. We can also offer

  • Custom Made Trolley
  • Colour Coding to Your Specifications
  • Customer Specified Discharge Nozzles
Additional dispensing options are also available upon request
20ldispenserairpump trolley
Dispenser with Reel

200 Litre Dispenser

MHS design and manufacture a rugged compact dispensing skid to transport 200lt drums by forklift or crane. This solution reduces contamination by filtering particles and moisture from the air, as well as particles present in the media

By attaching an air line you have a complete dispensing unit with integral pump, thermal relief valve, 5µm filter (no bypass), clogging indicator, and 3µm desiccant breather. We can also offer:

  • Colour Coding to Your Specifications
  • Discharge Nozzles and Flow Meter
  • Spring-Retract Reel (MHD399) or Hose (MHD397)
  • Pneumatic-Retract Reel
  • Heavy Duty Covers
  • Capacity for Multiple Drums
  • Vehicle Mounting Options e.g ute or truck
  • Additional pump options available to cater for different flow rates, viscosities, media aggressiveness, and environments
200ldispenser2sDispenser with Hose
200ldispensercoveredOptional Heavy-Duty Cover greasedrumdispenserOptional Grease Pump