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Breather Mount and Indicator



The MHD318 Desiccant Breather Mount provides an IBC with ideal protection from the ingress of water and particulates.

The mount fits into the IBC lid with a 2" BSPP thread – replacing the plug in vented lids. A coalescer in the base of the mount prevents oil splashing into the filter during transport. The mount can also be transferred to other IBC's easily, allowing the desiccant breather to be used on multiple IBC's.

The MHD318 has been designed for the SDB 90 Series Desiccant Breather range, and a 120 Series mount can be supplied on request. To monitor the filter condition a 1/8" BSPP port in the mount accepts the 'Filter Minder'.

Stauff 'Filter Minder' and Stauff SDB Desiccant Breather are purchased separately.


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