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Komatsu PPC04 Hydraulic Test Kit


Part #: Komatsu PPC04 Kit

 Komatsu PPC04 Kit s

The Komatsu PPC-04 Hydraulic Test Kit contains all of the equipment required to measure the pressures present in Komatsu hydraulic systems.

The Stauff PPC-04 hydraulic tester accepts two sensor inputs, and is capable of displaying both pressures simultaneously. Differential pressure between the two sensors can also be shown. The unit is designed to endure harsh conditions, with a protection rating of IP54 and a rubber outer case. It is powered by a rechargeable battery for portability, and the charger can be connected for continuous usage.

The kit comes with two sensors capable of evaluating pressures of 0-400 bar (0-600 bar sensors are optional), connected by 3 metre cables. Also included are a range of test fittings compatible with Komatsu hydraulic systems. A durable suitcase protects the equipment during transport.


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