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Some of our popular custom products are listed below:

GasNitrogen Charge KitFacilitates the maintenance of accumulator pressure and are available with a large range of gauges, fittings, adaptors and hoses. All kits come in a rugged case with foam inserts, providing maximum protection as well as extra storage for hoses.
Nitrogen scavenging kitAllows a continuous supply of high pressure gas even when the tank pressure is less than the accumulator being charged. The pneumatically powered unit pumps nitrogen at up to 17000kPa.
FluidCoolant reclaiming and filtration cartAllows the retrieval, storage, filtration and dispensing of coolant from machinery or engines to significantly reduce the cost of fluid replacement and disposal.
Dialysis filtration cartsWe have a wide variety of units that can filter out contaminants such as particles, water, oxidisation, and varnish. These are able to service oil tanks in various capacities with a range of carts to support their application that are designed in-house and can withstand the harshest of Australian environments.
Lubrication dispensing containersA range of modular design lube stores that can be customised to suit exact requirements.
Drum and IBC dispensersRugged and compact dispensing units or skids for drum and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container), complete with breather and filter to completely seal the unit and significantly reduce contamination. We can also offer colour coding, vehicle mounting, specific nozzles and flow meter.
Oil sample kitSelf-contained cases allowing the retrieval of oil samples in a clean and organised manner from pressurised systems through the supplied hoses, or non-pressurised systems from a hand pump. The cleaning solution provided eliminates contamination within the hoses, ensuring sample accuracy.
Pump and filter standThese stands have the capacity to hold pumps, filters, or gauges for bulk tanks or IBC’s and are commonly configured to mount an air pump with filter and thermal relief for oil farms.
MachineryAuxiliary hydraulic power systemSelf-powered hydraulic power unit for the bleeding and installation of excavator cylinders. The technicians handling the cylinder are in full control of the Auxiliary Power System allowing the safe alignment of pins during installation, significantly reducing the risk of injuries.
Auxiliary hydraulic power recovery unitDesigned to supply fluid power to the auxiliary brake and power steering systems in heavy vehicles when the system cannot power itself, such as during a breakdown or when it needs to be moved during maintenance. Once operational, the unit will continuously provide pressure to the vehicle’s auxiliary hydraulic system.
Brake calliper retractor kitThis kit assists brake pad changes in live oil disk brakes, such as those in heavy machinery. By using vacuum to relieve calliper pressure the unit can back off the cylinder without using excessive force, allowing quicker and safer maintenance procedures.
Test kitsTest kits and test adaptorsMHS can design and manufacture customised test kits for pressure, temperature, engine operation, and any other diagnostic or monitoring needs.