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MHS Hydraulics boasts some of the best engineered and technically advanced products available in the world market today.

We stock a wide range of hydraulics products, including:

Stauff clamps (pipe supports) Light Clamps Stauff

Standard Clamps Stauff

Heavy Clamps Stauff

Twin Clamps Stauff
Diagnostic equipment  Flow meters Webster
(includes fluid measuring systems) Flow indicators Webster

Flow monitors Flowtell

Digital gauges Stauff

Pressure test kits Webster

Portable Data Loggers Webster

Pressure transmitters Webster

Particle counters Webster

Peak pressure testers ?

Flow turbines Webster
Test Connectors Test Points Stauff

Test Hoses Stauff
Filtration systems Pressure Filters Stauff

Return Line Filters Stauff

Magnetic Pre-Filters Arlon

In-Tank Suction Filters Arlon

Tank Top Filters Stauff

Dessicant Filters Stauff

Magnetic Filters Magnom

Clogging Indicators Stauff
Offline fluid maintenance  Filter Carts Stauff

Fine filters CC Jensen

Filter separators CC Jensen

Desorbers CC Jensen
High Pressure Hydraulic Tools Cylinders Larzep

Powerpacks/Pumps Larzep

Jacks Larzep

Accessories Larzep

Tools Larzep

Automotive Larzep
Pressure gauges and switches Analogue Gauges Stauff

Gauge Accessories Stauff

Diaphragm Switches Stauff

Piston Type Switches Stauff
Hydraulic accessories Level gauges Stauff

Temperature switches Stauff

Breathers Stauff

Suction strainers Stauff

Diffusers Stauff

Fluid level sight glasses Stauff

Bell housings Stauff

Drive Couplings Stauff
Valves Ball valves MHA

Flow control valves Stauff

Mueller Mueller

Control valve block Salami 

Check valves Stauff

Velocity fuse MHS
High pressure hydraulic pumps & valves
Fluid connectors Hydraulic Tube Stauff

Couplings Flomax

Hydraulic fittings Stauff

Instrumentation fittings Hamlet

SAE Flanges Stauff

Quick Release Couplings Stauff

Hose reels Dracom
Hydraulic Pumps and Motors Pumps Salami 

Motors Salami 

Powerpacks Fluidlink

Servo and water hydraulics

Spray Equipment Nozzles Lechler
Accumulators Bladder Olaer

Diaphragm Olaer

Mounting clamps and brackets Olaer

Test kits Stauff
Machinery/Kits Tube Bender Stauff

Tube Flarer Stauff

Tube Pre-assembly Stauff

Tube Cleaning  Stauff
MHS products Coolant Reclaiming Cart MHS

IBC Dispenser MHS

Drum Dispenser MHS

Nitrogen Scavenging Kit MHS

Pressure Clinic - Komatsu MHS

Engine Related Test Kit MHS

Brake Calliper Retractor Kit MHS

Accumulator Indicator Kit MHS

GE Brush Profiler MHS

Drum Heater MHS

Hydraulic Power Pack MHS