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Clamps StauffIn most industrial countries STAUFF Clamps are recognised as a quick and easy, pipe and hose support system.  Additionally they provide a clean and orderly pipe layout. The vibration and noise reducing features are appreciated as being an important contribution to environmental protection.

STAUFF Clamps are very economical to install and customers use them in a wide variety of applications. MHS is a major distributor for STAUFF products.


Due to the extensive clamp product range, all areas of pipe, tube, hose and conduit clamping applications are covered, such as: industrial; mobile; marine; offshore; general industrial pipe construction; mining industry; nuclear reactor construction; instrumentation and control technology; and pneumatics to name the more obvious applications.


Available in polypropylene, polyamide, aluminium, santoprene shells or with rubber inserts and metal parts of zinc plated steel or stainless steel.


  • Noise reducing
  • Shock absorbing
  • Vibration damping
  • Weld base, bolt-on or rail mount
  • Stackable for multi-tier

Product Range


Anti Corrosion Technology

Effecient prevention of crevice corrosion under pipe clamps on stainless steel pipework. Ideal for corrosive environments such as sub-sea and offshore applications.

For OD 6mm to 25.4mm (1/4" to 1"), and temperatures of -25C to +80C

  pdf Stauff Anti Corrosion Technology Clamps 2.90 Mb





Standard Series
  Standard Clamp

For OD 6mm to 102mm

DIN 3015 Part 1

  Standard Clamp Rubber

With Rubber Inserts OD 6 to 32mm

  pdf Clamps Standard Series 2.39 Mb



Heavy Series
  Heavy Clamp

For OD 6mm to 406mm

DIN 3015 Part 2

  thumb_clampheavyrubber With Rubber Inserts OD 6 to 88.9mm
  pdf Clamps Heavy Series 1.96 Mb



Twin Series
  Twin Clamp

For OD 6mm to 42mm

DIN 3015 Part 3

  pdf Clamps Twin Series 1.81 Mb



Heavy Twin Series and Light Series Agricultural
  Clamp twin heavy For OD 19 to 42mm
  Clamp Agricultural For OD 3.2 to 25.4mm
  pdf Clamps Twin Series Heavy and Compact Agricultural 1.34 Mb



Light Series (LB/LBG/LBU)
  Clamp Light LB

For OD 3.2mm to 25.4mm

  pdf Clamps Light Series LB-LBG-LBU 792.26 Kb

Light Series (LN/LNGF/LNUF)
  Clamp Light LN

For OD 6mm to 22mm

  pdf Clamps Light Series LN-LNGF-LNUF 830.32 Kb



Light Series (LBBU)
  Clamp Light LBBU

For OD 4mm to 32mm

  pdf Clamps Light Series LBBU 1012.94 Kb

Cylinder Supply Line Clamps
  Clamp Cylinder

For OD 10mm to 22mm, and 50mm to 200mm 

  pdf Clamps Cylinder Supply Saddle Clamps 1.06 Mb



Construction Series
  Clamp Construction

For OD 220mm to 800mm

  pdf Clamps Construction Series 897.43 Kb



U-Bolt Clamps
  Clamp U Bolt Flat

Flat Steel U-Bolt Clamps for OD 48.3mm to 521mm

DN 40 - DN 500

  Clamp U Bolt Round

Round Steel U-Bolt Clamps for OD 25mm to 521mm

DN 20 - DN 500

  pdf Clamps U-Bolt Series 1.07 Mb



Metal Clamps
  Clamp Flat Steel

DIN 3567 Type A

For OD 15mm to 521mm

DN 20 - DN 500

  Clamp Flat Steel B

DIN 3567 Type B

For OD 15mm to 521mm

DN 20 - DN 500

  pdf Clamps Metal DIN 3567 652.09 Kb



Saddle Clamps
  Clamp Saddle

Light Saddles DIN 1596 and DIN 1597

For OD 5.5mm to 61mm

  Clamp Saddle

Heavy Saddles DIN 1592 to DIN 1593

For OD 5.5mm to 115mm

  pdf Clamps Saddle Series 1.06 Mb



Cushion Clamps
  Clamp Cushion

For OD 6.4mm to 168mm

  pdf Clamps Cushion Series 841.48 Kb



Special Clamps
  Injection Moulded Clamp Injection Moulded Clamps
  Machined Clamp Machined Clamps
  pdf Clamps Special Series 1.61 Mb



Technical Appendix
  Clamp Technical Technical Appendix
  pdf Clamps Technical Appendix 1.32 Mb