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Diagnostic Equipment


Monitoring the health of your hydraulic system is crucial to the continued trouble-free operation of equipment, ensuring all components are operating safely. Mining & Hydraulic Supplies have a range of products which will enable the operator to monitor and diagnose the system.


Pressure Test Kits

  MHSanaloguegaugeboxs   analoguegaugekit   digitalgaugekit
  MHS Gauge Kits    Stauff Analogue Kits   Stauff Digital Kits

Customisable metal cases with any type of gauges as required

Analogue or digital gauges

Selection of hoses and adaptors

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Kits are available with 1 to 3 analogue gauges, hoses, adaptors, couplings, and a durable case

63mm or 100mm gauges

-1 ... 3 bar to 0 ... 400 bar

Connection through a test hose in Test 12 or Test 20.


Kits are available with one standalone digital gauge and come with customer specified adaptors, connectors, and hoses

-1 ... 16 bar, to 0 ... 600 bar






Portable Data Loggers

  PPC04plus thumb_ppc08 thumb_ppcpad
  Stauff PPC-04-plus PPC-06-plus PPC Pad

2 Analogue Sensors

Rechargeable Battery

Internal Memory

Sensor Display

USB Connectivity to PC


Also Available: PPC-04-plus-CAN

  • 1 CAN port replaces the 2 analogue sensor ports, allowing up to 3 digital sensors to be connected.



3 Analogue Sensors

Rechargeable Battery

Internal Memory

Programming of Automatic Measuring Tasks

Internal Trigger Function

Sensor display

USB connectivity to PC


5.7" colour display

Storage: Internal, USB memory, and Micro SD (1GB card included)

PC Connectivity: USB and Ethernet

Sensor Inputs

  • PPC-Pad-101: 2 CAN ports (compatible with 8 sensors each)
  • PPC-Pad-102: 2 CAN ports (compatible with 8 sensors each), 3 analogue ports with sensor recognition, 2 analogue ports
  • PPC-Pad-103: 2 CAN ports (compatible with 8 sensors each), 6 analogue ports with sensor recognition, 4 analogue ports




Particle Counters

These allow the user to count the amount of particles within hydraulic media, an important part of oil management. The Stauff LasPaC II system makes it possible to detect the ISO cleanness level of the oil. It features a twin laser system which can detect 8 channels of particle analysis (4,6,14,21,25,38,50,68 μm). The units also come with internal data storage capable of holding up to 600 tests, and RS-232 computer interface.

  thumb_laspacportable thumb_laspacmobile thumb_laspacinline
  LasPaC II Portable LasPaC II Mobile LasPaC II Inline

Power Supply: External and Internal Battery

Display: Large Integrated Panel

Integrated Printer and Keyboard

Power Supply: External and Optional Internal Battery

Display: Small Integrated panel

Power Supply: External

Optional External Display

RS-485 Interface also available


Particle Monitors

Stauff Laser Particle Monitors can be installed as part of your system to enable continuous contamination monitoring. These monitors can connect to a computer, or output an alarm or Modbus.

  Laser Particle Monitor

4 channel (4, 6, 14, 21µm)


1.4...500 bar and -10C...+60C operating limits


Flow turbines

  thumb_ppcflowturbine thumb_flowmeter1500
  Stauff PPC-04/12-SFM Webtec Flow Meter

1-15l/min to 15-600l/min

50ms response time



1% IR Accuracy

Up to 1500 l/min and 480 bar

Additional top ports for pressure and temperature





pdf Stauff Pressure Gauge Catalogue 495.61 Kb


pdf Stauff Hydraulic Testing Catalogue 1.80 Mb


pdf Stauff Laser Particle Counter Catalogue 889.30 Kb


pdf Webtec Product Catalogue 1.21 Mb