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Sensors and Switches


Sensors and switches allow the continuous monitoring and controlling of a system, ensuring it is running optimally and preventing premature system failure. MHS have wide range of transmitters and switches available from Stauff, Webtec and Trafag, ensuring the right solution for any application.




  thumb_pressureswitch thumb_pressuretransmitters thumb_pressureswitchandtransmitter
  Pressure Switch Pressure Transmitter Pressure Switch and Transmitter

Stauff: 0.7 ... 2 bar to 173 ... 344 bar

Trafag: -1...6 bar, to 60...600 bar. And as accurate as -0.9...1.5 bar.

Range of electrical connector options

Up to 250V

Up to IP65 Protection

Stauff: 0 ... 1 bar to 0 ... 600 bar

Trafag: -1...+9 bar to 0...2500 bar. And as accurate as 0...0.1 bar.

Stainless Steel Construction

Temperature Compensated

Bellows, Membrane, and Piston Type Sensors

IP65 Protection

Stauff: -1...2 bar to 0 ... 700 bar

Stainless Steel Construction

LED Display

Two Switching Outputs

IP65 Protection





  thumb_temperatureswitch thumb_temperaturetransmitter thumb_temperatureswitchtransmitter
  Temperature Switch Temperature Transmitter Temperature Switch and Transmitter
  Stauff: Fixed temperature switch point between 30C and 105C


10A at 240V max current

Trafag: -50...+50C to 0...+500C. And as accurate as +15...+30C

IP65 and Stainless Steel Construction

4...20mA and Relay Output

Stauff: -200C to +600C

Stainless steel construction

LED display

Two switching outputs






  thumb_flowtell thumb_flowindicator thumb_flowmonitor
  Stauff Inline Flow Meter Stauff Flow Indicator Stauff Flow Monitoring System
  Up to 283 l/min

+/- 4.0% accuracy

Flow, Pressure and Temperature gauge

+12.5C to +117.5C


Up to 420 bar

Up to 400 l/min

0.002...2 l/min to 1 ... 250 l/min


+/- 0.3% accuracy

-40C ... +120C

Up to 450 bar




  Webtec Turbine Flow Meter Webtec FlowHUB



1% IR

1500 l/min

480 bar max

Additional ports for pressure and temperature.

Flow and temperature monitoring: measure, display switch, transmit.


1-360 l/min, up to 420 bar, +5...+90C

IP64 protection








pdf Stauff Sensors and Switches Catalogue 1.53 Mb


pdf Webtec Product Catalogue 1.21 Mb


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