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MHS can design, fabricate and install weld free piping using the GS-Hydro system. They are the world's leading supplier of non-welded piping systems for marine, offshore and land applications, allowing for the rapid and secure connection of pipes without the need for welding. A wide variety of connectors are available, enabling pressures of 10 to 690 bar for tubing of 16mm to 600mm OD.

Connect Pipes Without Welding

There are numerous benefits for utilising the GS-Hydro pipe connection system


No Hot Work

Assembly work can be completed in environments that normally need to be shut down during hot work

OHS issues are significantly reduced by the absence of welding

No need for post-weld cleaning, x-raying or other inspections

Leak free

Leaks are avoided, resulting in safety and environmental benefits

Cost savings

Assembly of the connection is quick and does not require welding, resulting in significant cost savings

It is possible to use different materials in the connections as they do not come in contact with the media e.g carbon steel fittings on stainless steel tubing

The cost benefits are even greater in systems with larger tubing, as well as more complex systems with numerous connections


Cleanliness is maximised as there isn't any welding scale

The properties of the metal are retained, ensuring maximum strength

High vibration, shock, and fire resistance even at full load


Why GS-Hydro


Documented Quality: Type approvals and certificates. Good traceability. ISO 9001:2008


Less force is required to tighten the assembly, allowing for more compact packaging

Simple design, allowing for very few components

Configurations are flexible as it can be easily reassembled with different tubing

Customer portal for product certificates and maintenance reminders


gs_reduction_comparisonGS-Flanges are compact in size, especially in complex applications




GS-Retain Ring


The GS-Retain Ring is ideal for hydraulic systems and components affected by pulsating loads, shocks, and constant vibration. The flanges are held to the pipe by solid retaining ring halves sitting in a machined groove on the pipe end. A bonded seal between the pipe faces ensures effective sealing, and the combination of the retaining rings and flanges strengthens the pipe in such a manner that the connection is stronger than the pipe alone.

Pipe materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, titanium

Flange material: electric zinced carbon steel, hot dip galvanised carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium

Pressures up to 690 bar, and tube sizes up to 355.6mm OD

Simple, reliable, safe, leak free, and clean

Easy and quick to install, with a very small space requirement

No hot work needed



GS-37˚ Flare Flange System


Pressures of 420 bar up to 90mm OD and

Pipe materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, titanium

Flange material: electric zinced carbon steel, hot dip galvanised carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium


GS-90˚ Flare Flange System


The GS-90˚ Flare Flange is a very simple but effective design, providing major cost and time savings in prefabrication and installation. The connection is also very compact, allowing neighbouring pipes to be located very close together.

Compatible with DIN 90

Pressures up to 10-50 bar, and pipe sizes of 16 – 608mm




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GS Hydro Catalogue

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