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In-Line Filtration



With up to 80% of oil system failures caused by contamination, the benefits of hydraulic filtration technology results in greater reliability, better performance, higher quality output, and reduced maintenance. The positive effects of filtration can be seen in all industries, such as; mining, marine, manufacturing, construction, and transport.

In-line solutions filter the fluid as it is pumped through the system, catching contamination as it enters and exits the machinery. We only supply filters of the highest quality, ensuring they can provide high flow rates for maximum system performance.

Our range also includes off-line (or dialysis) filtration systems, able to remove even more contamination, prolonging the life of your in-line filter elements, all while your system is in operation. View the MHS Off-Line Filtration range.



STAUFF offers a comprehensive range of filtration products and services with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today's most sophisticated applications. Products include pressure filters, return line filters, spin-on filters, suction strainers and filler breathers for various hydraulic, lubrication and fuel oils.

STAUFF manufactures more than 10,000 different elements. Many of these are designed to fit into filter housings produced by other companies while maintaining or surpassing the performance of the original filter element. The STAUFF Contamination Control Program includes diagnostic services such as fluid sampling and laser particle counting products needed to monitor system contamination levels.

MHS has the technical expertise and years of experience to provide custom filter designs for the STAUFF original filter housings as well as for other selected filtration providers.

Stauff m edium pressure filters have recently been introduced with the benefit to customers that if the pressure and flow limits can be met, these aluminium filters units are approximately half the weight and cost of the steel high pressure units.  They still use the same excellent high pressure Stauff elements.



Filtration Accessories

Customers will find a comphrehensive range of accessories for filtration, such as a variety of clogging indicators to suit the range of filtration supported by MHS.  MHS also provides parts for filtration systems to support customer's maintenance requirements.

Pressure Filters


High Pressure Filters

Up to 420 bar / 6000 PSI

Up to 1320 l/min

Bypass and Non-Return Valves Optional

-10C to +100C Operating Temperature

Visual and Electronic Clogging Indicators Available

Medium Pressure Filters

Up to 160 bar / 2320 PSI

Up to 240 l/min

Bypass and Non-Return Valves Optional

-10C to +100C Operating Temperature

Visual and Electronic Clogging Indicators Available


Filter Elements

3 to 200 µm

Cellulose, Inorganic Glass Fibre, Stainless Fibre, Stainless Mesh



pdf Stauff Pressure Filter Catalogue 1.29 Mb



Return Line Filters



pdf Stauff Return Line Filter Catalogue 3.01 Mb

Up to 34.5 bar and 7000 l/min


-25C to +100C Operating Temperature

Optional Visual and Electronic Clogging Indicators with Switch

Optional Bypass Valves

Optional Diffuser



Spin On Filters and Replacements


Spin on filters

Suitable for Low Pressure Suction and Return Line Filtration

Up to 14 bar and 460 l/min

Visual and Electronic Clogging Indicators

Aluminium Filter Head Construction

Tank Top Spin-On Filter Heads Available

Replacement Filter Elements

We stock replacement filter elements compatible with Stauff and other branded components

Filtration Sizes: 1µm to 125µm

Filter Material: Filter Paper, Inorganic Glass Fibre, Wire Mesh Stainless Wire Mesh, Brass Mesh

10µm Water Absorbing Also Available



pdf Stauff Spin On Filter Catalogue 1.95 Mb




Magnetic Filters

  magneticfiltration MHS is a distribution agent for Magnom magnetic in-line filters.  Magnom manufacture a range of magnetic filters that capture ferrous and some non-ferrous material as it circulates through the system. These are particularly effective at capturing rust and other wear-related particles before they can generate further damage when reintroduced into the system. Place one in front of your expensive pump to provide protection for the heart of your hydraulic system.


pdf Magnom Catalogue 3.06 Mb

Down to 1µm Filtration Without Wash-Off

Heavy Duty process Units for Large Quantities of Contaminants

Suction and In-Line Units

Bowl-Type Units – Easy Inspection and Cleaning





pdf One Eye Catalog 8.92 Mb
MHS are a distribution agent for One Eye Industries.  One Eye industries make magnetic filters, offering magnetic pads, rods, plugs, scrubbers, strainers, and more.