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Accumulators can benefit a hydraulic system in numerous ways, making it more efficient and more reliable.

  • Ensures the correct volume and pressure is maintained in the system, even without a working hydraulic motor.
  • Less power required under normal operation, and the accumulator is useful as a reserve power source
  • Smooths the stress within hydraulic pipes, sensors, and components by dampening the pulsations in pressure and flow.





Bladder type accumulators are ideal for high capacity hydraulic systems, and are easy to maintain. MHS can supply various sizes of quality Bladder Accumulators from Stauff and Olaer

0.17 Litres to 56.7 Litres

Up to 345 bar





Diaphragm type accumulators are ideal for installations where there is limited space. MHS can supply various sizes of quality Diaphragm Accumulators from Stauff and Olaer

0.32 Litres to 3.5 Litres

Up to 248 bar


Mounting Clamps and Brackets

Special brackets for accumulators are available, ensuring the device is secured, does not physically strain the connecting hydraulic tubes, and are able to reduce vibration.




Stauff Accumulator Accessories facilitate maintenance and servicing activities.

  • Accumulator Safety block
  • Accumulator conversion adaptor
  • Anti extrusion ring assembly
  • Replacement bladder assembly


Charging Kits


The MHS Nitrogen Charge Kit facilitates the maintenance of accumulators for hydraulic, transportation, and other uses. These highly customisable kits are available with a large range of gauges, fittings, adaptors and hoses. All kits come in a rugged case with foam inserts, providing maximum protection, in addition to sealed compartments for hose storage.

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