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Flushing and Pressure Testing Rig




During the commissioning of a new hydraulic system, flushing and pressure testing will ensure the system is proven to be leak-free before it enters into service. Additionally, clean hydraulic piping will assist with extending the operating life of your equipment, and to help maintain the oil cleanliness levels within the manufacturer recommendations.


The MHS Flushing and Pressure Testing Rig is a bunded all-in-one solution which can deliver flow up to 1000LPM, and pressures of 550 bar. An on board particle counter will sample, test and log cleanliness levels in real-time.

  • 1500L Tank
  • 100-1000LPM VVVF Control
  • 550 bar High Pressure Piston Pump (no onsite air requirements)
  • Inbuilt Oil Transfer Unit
  • Crane and Forklift Compatible
  • Power requirements: 415V 120A

Our experienced technicians can accompany the rig to carry out the flushing and testing procedures.



MHS Piping
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