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Accumulator Pre-Charging



In addition to our wide range of Accumulator products, we also have accessories and services to suit.


Pre-Charging Service


The MHS Accumulator Pre-Charging Service can pressurise your accumulator with the capabilities to service units up to 57 litres. We can Pre-Charge Bladder, Diaphragm and Piston Type accumulators up to 280 bar.

Charging kits


The MHS Nitrogen Charge Kit facilitates the maintenance of accumulators for hydraulic, transportation, and other uses. These highly customisable kits are available with a large range of gauges, fittings, adaptors and hoses. All kits come in a rugged case with foam inserts, providing maximum protection, in addition to sealed compartments for hose storage.

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Catalogue and Installation Instructions


pdf Stauff Accumulators Accessories Catalogue 1.02 Mb


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