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Auxiliary Hydraulic Power System - MHD623





The MHS Auxiliary Power System is a self-powered hydraulic power unit for the bleeding and installation of excavator cylinders, all safely controlled by the technicians handling the cylinders.

Bleeding of the cylinders before installation can be facilitated by the unit's ability to extend and retract the excavator cylinders, avoiding 'dieseling' which often destroys the seals.

Additionally, the technicians handling the cylinder are in full control of the Auxiliary Power System allowing the safe alignment of pins during installation, significantly reducing the risk of injuries occurring.

A CJC Jensen off-line Fine Filtration unit is installed to ensure the oil returned from the excavator is contaminant free. Suction and return-line filters, as well as a filtered desiccant breather ensures contamination is kept to a minimum.


  • 100 litres/minute
  • 100 bar
  • Flow Control for Smaller Cylinders
  • Diesel Powered Pump

Part No: MHD623

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