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In-line solutions filter the fluid as it is pumped through the system, catching contamination as it enters and exits the machinery. We only supply filters of the highest quality, ensuring they can provide high flow rates for maximum system performance.


  • high level of contamination control
  • comprehensive range
  • customised solutions
  • extended life of machinery and lower overall cost
  • provides protection for hydraulic equipment.


  • mining
  • marine
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • transport.

Brand benefit

MHS is the West Australian distributor for STAUFF, who offer a comprehensive range of filtration products and services with the highest level of contamination control demanded by today’s most sophisticated applications. STAUFF manufactures more than 10,000 different elements. Many of these are designed to fit into filter housings produced by other companies while maintaining or surpassing the performance of the original filter element. The STAUFF Contamination Control Program includes diagnostic services such as fluid sampling and laser particle counting products needed to monitor system contamination levels. MHS has the technical expertise and years of experience to provide custom filter designs for the STAUFF original filter housings as well as for other selected filtration providers.

MHS is also a distribution agent for Magnom and One Eye Industries who both manufacture a range of magnetic filters to capture ferrous and some non-ferrous materials, particularly effective at capturing rust and other wear-related particles.

Technical features

Products include pressure filters, return line filters, spin-on filters, suction strainers and filler breathers for various hydraulic, lubrication and fuel oils.

Pressure Filters – clean the hydraulic oil before it flows through down-stream components like valves and cylinders and so on to protect sensitive components. Besides working as a protection filter, Pressure Filters also help to maintain the required purity class.

Return-Line Filters – filter the hydraulic oil before it flows back into the reservoir to ensure that contamination arising in the components does not get into the tank and that the targeted purity class is maintained.

Diffusers – are used in combination with Return-Line Filters and ensure that the returning oil flow is settled before it reaches the oil tank thereby preventing foaming and re-suspension of deposited dirt.

Suction Strainers – provide functional protection of the downstream pumps in the circulation and are useful when the risk of pump damage from coarse impurities is particularly high.

Filler Breathers – prevent the entry of dirt from the surroundings during tank breathing. They should be chosen with a filter unit that is similar to the working filter, with the replacement cycle of filter inserts being highly dependent on the surrounding conditions.

Desiccant Air Breathers – similar to filler breathers, with the additional function of dehumidification of the inflowing air with a special silicate gel.

Spin-On Filters – can be used either as Suction Filters or as Return-Line filters for low pressure applications.