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MHS stock products from Larzep to perform high pressure hydraulic tasks such lifting, pushing, pulling, bending and holding. Products include cylinders, pumps, powerpacks, jacks, tools and accessories.


  • Manufactured to international standards
  • Compatible with most systems
  • Robust design.


Larzep’s range of high pressure hydraulic equipment is designed to service various industries such as mining, construction, oil and gas, and the automotive industry.

Brand benefit

MHS is a proud distributor of Larzep, one of the leading European manufacturers of high pressure hydraulic equipment. Talk to us about tailored solutions.

Technical features

Cylinders/jacks – single and double acting, spring or load return, hollow plunger, aluminium, with locknut, pancake, high tonnage, telescopic, push-pull.

Pumps/powerpacks – single and double acting hand pumps, air-hydraulic pumps, powerpacks, split-flow powerpacks, synchronised systems, hydrotest pumps, for torque wrenches.

Accessories – hoses, couplers, flow control valves, saddles, fittings, manifolds, pressure gauges, directional control valves.

Tools – Chain cutters, cable cutters, nut-splitters, pullers, toe jacks, spreaders, dynamometers, load cells, torque wrenches, punching heads, crimping tools.

Torque wrenches – Low profile hexagon torque wrenches and square drive torque wrenches.