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Go valveless! Join the no-valve metering revolution with our range of Qdos pumps which use peristaltic pumping technology for a host of applications to allow accurate, repeatable, and linear flow even under varying process conditions.


The Qdos valveless metering pump utilises peristaltic pumping technology to provide accurate, repeatable, and linear flow even under varying process conditions. The system reduces installation and maintenance costs by being self-contained, and the fully sealed pump head allows quick component replacement without tools or specialist training. Precise metering of chemicals is achieved with Qdos with flow rates of 0.1 ml/min to 500ml/min and the flow remains constant right up to pressures of 7 bar.

The devices can be configured manually using the intuitive interface, or remotely through 4-20mA input or PROFIBUS. IP66 environmental sealing ensures long term reliability of the pump.


These pumps have a host of applications including water treatment, flocculation and mineral processing (reagent dosing).

Brand benefit

MHS Pumps are the West Australian distributor for the Qdos pumps by the Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Group, industry leaders in positive displacement pumps since 1956.

Technical features

A metering pump is able to constantly move a precise amount of liquid during a specified time period. The flow rate is very accurate, even when the pressure changes on the outlet side, allowing the pump to be used for a wide variety of applications. These types of pumps are typically used where an additive needs to be gradually released into a system over time, or for creating precise and repeatable solution batches.

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