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MHS Pumps has been supplying pumping equipment both within Australia and internationally for over 30 years and are specialists in positive displacement pumps.


  • Accurate and repeatable flow rates
  • Slurries, viscous, shear-sensitive and aggressive materials can be pumped without damaging the equipment
  • No valves or glands to corrode or wear
  • Self-priming and able to run dry without damaging the equipment
  • Simple design, requiring significantly less components to monitor and maintain
  • Reversible operation.


Peristaltic pumps are used in various environments such as mining, industrial, manufacturing, construction, water treatment, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical and food and beverage industry.

Brand benefit

MHS Pumps are the West Australian distributor for the Bredel and Watson Marlow pumps & accessories – the trusted name for reliable, accurate and high-flow pumping in harsh environments. There are no pump seals, seats or valves, so abrasive slurries are no problem and with the medium contacting only the inner wall of the hose, the pump is perfect for aggressive chemicals. Bredel pumps feature 100% compression at all times on the hose, providing unbeatable metering accuracy and pressure performance. Bredel’s precision-machined hoses come in a range of materials, ensuring maximum compatibility, long life, and accurate flow.

Technical features

A peristaltic pump operates by squeezing a point along a length of flexible tube, then moving that point towards the outlet to push the fluid within the tube in that direction. This squeezing action is created by a roller or shoe. When multiple squeeze points are introduced it creates a scenario where the fluid cannot return. These systems are usually in a ‘U’ shaped configuration with two pressure points attached to a rotor and must be squeezing the tube at all times. The tubing must be flexible enough to withstand the squeezing, while also returning to the original cross section area in order to provide suction for the inlet. In this manner the flow rate is proportional to the speed, and independent to the outlet pressure.

Peristaltic hose pumps differ from peristaltic tube pumps as the compressing action is performed on a highly reinforced hose that is available in larger sizes. This design is capable of higher pressures and better flow rates. Peristaltic tube pumps use of continuous tubing provides greater flow rate accuracy. Peristaltic pumps have become the first choice of pump for chemical and industrial metering applications. Watson Marlow offer a range of pumps and tube material suitable for precise and reliable pumping, especially in harsh environments. Widely accepted as the world’s fastest growing pump type, peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands. They provide superior flow rate stability and metering accuracy, have extensive chemical compatibility, and are inherently hygienic.

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