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MHS recommends sine pump for a range of applications, they are both reliable and economical.


  • excellent suction, allowing highly viscous material to be pumped
  • low shear and gentle handling of the material
  • low pulsation
  • maintainable in the field with just one rotor, shaft, and seal
  • easy to clean.


  • food and beverage
  • sanitary
  • cosmetic
  • bio-pharmaceutical
  • industrial applications.

Brand benefit

MHS Pumps stock a range of Masosine’s highly reliable and economical positive displacement pumps for a range of applications.

Technical features

Sine pumps are new generation pumps which utilise a very simple design to achieve impressive results. As the sinusoidal rotor rotates in the pump cavity, it creates discrete chambers either side of the rotor that move the material towards the outlet. A barrier prevents the material from remaining in the chamber once it reaches the outlet. Whether the concern is for maintaining the integrity of the product being pumped, or simply being able to handle highly viscous products, the sinusoidal rotor can overcome the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to create one of the most efficient and reliable positive displacement pumps available.

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