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Helical Rotor Pumps


What is a Helical Rotor Pump?

A helical rotor pump is a type of progressive cavity pump which works by the rotation of a helical rotor, when sealed against a helix wall, pushing discrete sections of material through the device. This corkscrew-like action provides a pulse free flow, and valves are unnecessary as the helical rotor seals the discrete sections of material. The flow rate is determined by the rotor speed, and is independent of outlet pressure.

Advantages of helical rotor pumps:

  • Pumps will work as efficiently either forwards or when reversed
  • They can handle solid materials well
  • Ideal for dosing applications as the flow rate is predictable
  • No valves to maintain
  • Smooth pulse-free operation
  • Shear-sensitive products are handled gently
  • Self-priming, and can easily handle material with gasses

Helical rotor pumps are typically used in sewage, slurry, water, and oil pumping applications.


Helical Rotor Pump



We offer a complete range of progressive cavity pumps, ranging from the smallest metering models to the industry's largest progressive cavity pumps. Available in a wide variety of construction materials, pumps are used in the most diverse applications, including municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, environmental technology, pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, beverage, foods, paint, offshore installations and crude oil conveyance, mining slurries and flocculant dosing.

We have considerable experience with extremely diverse applications, combined with the most advanced manufacturing technology available, and can guarantee superior results. Customer-specific designs and execution assure the best possible solutions for each application.

  • Flow rates up to 500 m3/hr.
  • Pressures to 72 bar.
  • Gentle non-pulsating flow.

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