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The MHS Trade Counter stocks a number of accessories that will assist in the installation and maintenance of your hydraulic system. Please contact the Seals division if you have any queries.

For Loctite products please view the Loctite page.

Stanley Dead Blow Hammers

Construction of non-ferrous materials eliminates sparking and won't absorb liquids

No exposed metal on face, head or shaft

Dead blow function eliminates bounceback when striking hardened surfaces

Soft face helps prevent marring

Steel reinforced handle provides strength and resists breaking on overstrike

Flat area on head allows upright storage (57-552 10.5 lbs model only)



Face Length: 1.8" / 45mm

Head Length: 4-1/16" / 103mm

Head Weight: 21 oz. / 595 g

Overall Length: 12-7/8" / 327mm



Face Length: 2.1" / 53mm

Head Length: 4-5/8" / 117mm

Head Weight: 42 oz. / 1191 grams

Overall Length: 14-1/4" / 362mm



Face Length: 2-1/2" / 63mm

Head Length: 5-3/8" / 136mm

Head Weight: 52 oz. / 1474 g

Overall Length: 15-1/4" / 387mm



Face Length: 3" / 76mm

Head Length: 8-1/4" / 210mm

Head Weight: 10-1/2 lbs./4762g

Overall Length: 29-7/8" / 759mm



Inox MX3

Anti Moisture and Anti Corrosion Lubricant

Displaces, Penetrates, Lubricates, Protects

Contains no silicon, acid, kerosene or dieselene.

Will not harm metal points or surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels, fibreglass, formica or neoprene seals.

Doesn't dry out, gum up, become gooey or sticky or wash off with water

Is non- conductive, non-static, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining.

Available in 60ml injector, 300g aerosol, 5 litre bottle


Designed for heavy industrial, mining, farming, marine, earth moving and transport type use and where extreme climatic and high humidity conditions prevail.

Pump Packing

Teflon Packing

Braided from synthetic fibre, thoroughly impregnated with white PTFE suspensoid. The finished packing is again coated with PTFE dispersion and a break-in lubricant is added to reduce shaft wear and eliminate glazing at start up.

Multipurpose packing which can be used for centrifugal, rotary and reciprocating pumps, and also mixers, agitators and expansion joints

Covers a wide variety of media like low pressure steam, water, solvents, oils, mild acids and alkalies.

  • Max temp: 230C
  • Max pressure: rotating 20 bar, reciprocating 80 bar, static 100 bar
  • pH: 2-12
  • Speed: 12 metres/second
  • 1 metre lengths 3mm to 16mm
  • 8 metre length available in selected sizes
Graphite Packing

Braided from acrylic fibre, impregnated throughout with pure graphite powder and an inert lubricant

Multipurpose packing which can be used for dynamic and static applications in pumps, mixers, kneaders and valves in all types of industries

Covers a wide variety of media like water, brine, mild acids, lyes, mild chemicals, and some abrasive applications

  • Max temp: 230C
  • Max pressure: rotating 20 bar, reciprocating 20 bar, static 50 bar
  • pH: 4-10
  • Speed: 10 metres/second
  • 1 metre lengths 3mm to 14mm
  • 8 metre lengths in selected sizes

Hone Tools and Stones

Small Cylinder Hone

1-1/4" to 3-1/2" (32mm to 89mm)

Smaller version available 1/2" to 2-1/4" (13mm to 57mm)

Large Cylinder Hone

Flexible shaft, adjustable tension

2" to 7" (51mm to 178mm)

Hone Stones

1-1/8" 28mm

  • 100, 220 and 400 grit

2" 51mm

  • 220 and 400 grit

4" 102mm

  • 220 and 400 grit


Molykote 111 Compound

Chemically resistant fluoro-silicone grease

Water resistant, low vapour pressure, low volatility, and offers resistance to most organic and inorganic chemicals. It resists weathering and water washout

Used as a chemical barrier coating for rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and seals

Wide operating temperature: -40C to +200C

Silicone Grease


Multipurpose industrial lubricant

Excellent dielectric strength

Resistance to moisture, oxidization, corrosive atmospheres, and a wide range of chemicals

Won't affect natural or synthetic rubber seals, valves or bearings

-40C to +400C operating temperature

Sizes: 100g, 200g, 1kg, 5kg



Gasket Sheeting

Large sheets available in thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.5mm and 3.0mm

Miscellaneous Products

PTFE Thread Tape
Seal Picks
Silicone Sealing Tape
Spring Claw Pick-Up Tool