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Caterpillar O-Ring Kits




MHS Seals have a number O-Ring kits specifically for Caterpillar equipment.

Our Caterpillar O-Rings and D-Rings are an after- market product sourced from the USA that are the equal of the OEM Caterpillar product, without the expense.  

The parts have the Caterpillar part numbers printed on them, making it easier to cross-reference them to the OEM product. 


  Caterpillar 90 DURO Nitrile    Caterpillar 70 DURO Silicone
  thumb_ORK_-_CAT90_270-1528_4C4782_1   thumb_ORK-CAT70Ss


Caterpillar 90 Duro O-ring Kit

32 Various Sizes

Cross Section: 1/16" - 1/8" (SAE code: 61/62)

N9-011 - N9-029

N9-210 – N9-228

N9-902 – N9-910

N9-912 – N9-916

N9-920 – N9-932

Part numbers printed on most O-Rings
Use with XT-3, face seal & boss connector



Caterpillar 70 Duro Silicone O-ring Kit

Silicone construction ideal for lower pressures and higher temperatures

  Caterpillar D-Ring Kit    

As used with the XT-5 and XT-6 Flange Connectors

Part numbers printed on each D-Ring


9 Different sizes (80 PCS)

DRK-CAT90 (D-Ring Kit 90 Duro)