Our vision

MHS embodies a safety-first culture, providing safe workplaces at all locations for the people around us. We promote our respect for the natural environment by insisting on high quality products that last longer and keep the need for component replacement to an absolute minimum.

MHS continues to enhance working relationships with over 800 regular customers and suppliers Australia wide, while offering our unique blend of products and services. We aim to reduce ownership costs and installation times while increasing opportunities for cost-effective maintenance solutions.

Our shared vision with the Iron Ore industry and general community of providing cleaner fuels, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and optimal fuel consumption efficiency is supported by supplying Top Tier Miners with our products and services, particularly the service and maintenance of fuel farms (fuel tanks, pumps, piping and sundry components).

Each of our divisions has a dedicated and experienced team to provide the best solution and the highest quality service.

MHS Hydraulics

We have been the largest STAUFF distributor in Australia since 1985, and additionally our other world-class brands ensure we have all of your hydraulic product needs covered. Our engineering team can design and manufacture a solution in-house, with a diverse range of items produced from filtration trolleys through to GS-Hydro weld-free piping.

MHS Filtration

With up to 80% of oil system failures caused by contamination, the benefits of hydraulic filtration technology results in greater reliability, better performance, higher quality output, and reduced maintenance. MHS Filtration is growing to provide in-line and off-line solutions to best provide for the Western Australian environment.

MHS Hydrocarbons

Our specialist Hydrocarbons team have extensive experience to assist in the design, installation and maintenance of fuel management systems while working closely with world-class brands to ensure the best possible outcomes.

MHS Pumps

The team at MHS Pumps are specialists in positive displacement pumps. We offer sales, spare parts, servicing, and rebuilds for a wide range of pumps, as well as custom design solutions. Our selection of positive displacement pumps include diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps.

MHS Seals

MHS Seals are the provider of quality hydraulic and pneumatic seals. We source the best quality seals and materials from suppliers around the world, and we have extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities. This ensures our experienced team can provide you with expert advice and prompt service.

MHS Custom products and services

Our team of mechanical, electrical, contract and senior specialist engineers bring a collective wealth of expertise and focused energy to both MHS and its customers, enabling projects we are involved in to reach their best possible outcomes.

MHS improve hydraulic systems to address contamination issues based on the latest industry research, product placement of breathers and filters, and best practice sealing solutions. We also offer site audits from a commercial and engineering perspective of fuel, filtration and lubrication systems.

MHS is respected in WA for the design and fabrication of exceptional quality custom-made products that solve specific customer needs. Some examples include auxiliary power packs, oil dispensing packs, fuel farms, filter trolleys, fluid reclamation carts and diagnostic test kits.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification Number: AUP1017A
ISO 45001:2018 Certification Number: AUP1017HS
PAS99:2012 Certification Number: AUP1017PAS.