MHS provide a hire service for specialist hydraulic equipment ready to be delivered and used on-site. The units are available for short or long term periods – hire for a day, week, month or longer.

When the hire period is for 7 days or more, only 5 days in each 7 day block will be charged to you, so you effectively get the weekends for free.

Our customers enjoy the option to hire some of the equipment that we sell before purchase. Alternatively, the hire units are a good option to solve small or infrequent contamination problems.

Our regular hire equipment includes:

  • off-line filter units – to improve the reliability and lifetime of your equipment through effective filtration of contaminants
  • fluid filtration carts – convenient portable units to increase the life of critical wear components
  • tube benders and flarers – for custom tube installations
  • flow meters – a range of portable units are available for diagnostic testing
  • particle counters – for measuring contamination levels
  • flushing rig – a bundled all-in-one solution which can deliver flow up to 1000LPM, and pressures of 550 bar.

We are here to help! Our technicians are available to accompany hire equipment and carry out the necessary procedures on site.

Bonus: When you hire a CC Jensen unit from us you get to keep the elements, making subsequent hires even more economical.