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MHS stock a range of hydraulic accumulators, designed to store energy, regulate the performance and enhance the operational efficiency of hydraulic systems. STAUFF accumulators are suitable for pressure storage, backup energy for emergency and safety functions, absorbing hydraulic shock, noise reduction, and dampening pump pulsations and fluctuations. We also manufacture our own custom nitrogen charge kits 667KB to facilitate the maintenance of accumulator pressure.


  • Ensure the correct volume and pressure is maintained in the system, even without a working hydraulic motor
  • Power efficient and useful as a reserve power source
  • Smooth the stress within hydraulic pipes, sensors, and components by dampening the pulsations in pressure and flow
  • Comprehensive range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings.


Stauff’s extensive product range ensures all applications are covered, from mining and industry to marine and pneumatics.

Brand benefit

MHS is proud to be the largest Stauff distributor in Australia. We stock a range of Stauff’s accumulators and have the long-term expertise to help you with your needs in our unique environment. We also manufacture our own custom nitrogen charge kits.

Technical features

Bladder accumulators – operate as a hydraulic spring by using the system hydraulic fluid to compress nitrogen gas stored in the accumulator.

Diaphragm accumulators – operate similar to bladder accumulators but are supplied assembled as a welded vessel with a pre-installed rubber diaphragm and are normally manufactured to a lower design pressure.

Accumulator accessories – comprehensive range of accessories for bladder and diaphragm accumulators.

Pre-charging and testing equipment – provide a safe and reliable method of checking and pre-charging accumulators.

Nitrogen charge kit – MHS provides a range of custom charge kits to facilitate the maintenance of accumulator pressure. These highly customisable kits are available with a large range of gauges, fittings, adaptors and hoses. All kits come in a rugged case with foam insert, providing maximum protection as well as extra storage for hoses.