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Monitoring the health of your hydraulic system is crucial to the continued trouble-free operation of equipment, ensuring all components are operating safely. MHS have a range of products which will enable the operator to monitor and diagnose the system.


  • Convenient and fast tool for maintenance and service
  • Measurements can be carried very easily, without extensive training
  • Documented in a reliable process.


With a diverse range of diagnostic equipment from multiple manufacturers, MHS ensure that all applications are covered, from mining and industry to marine and pneumatics.

Brand benefit

MHS is proud to be the largest Stauff distributor in Australia. We stock a diverse range of Stauff’s diagtronic products and have the long-term expertise to help you with your needs in our unique environment. We stock other world-renowned products from brands such as Webtec, Trafag and CC Jensen as well as our own custom test kits.

Technical features

MHS stock a range of diagnostic / diagtronic equipment including pressure test kits and gauges, flow indicators, particle counters and pressure transmitters.

Pressure gauges – analogue (mechanical) and digital (electrical) pressure gauges for determining pressure in hydraulics and other areas of application with multiple pressure ranges up to 1000 bar.

Flow indicators – analogue hydraulic testers with brass and aluminium housing for mechanical and therefore network-independent flow rate measuring of hydraulic media flow in mobile and industrial hydraulics.

Hydraulic testers and accessories – comprehensive range, including hand-held that are ideal for measuring all relevant parameters in fluid technology systems such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow rate and output.

Pressure transmitters, readers and adaptors – universal pressure measurements for fluid technology applications which will provide benefits for system operators, maintenance personnel and repair technicians as well as for original equipment manufacturers.

Laser particle counters – compact hydraulic testers that stand out due to their easy operation and suitable for mobile/flexible and stationary/continuous use in systems with a maximum operating pressure of 400 bar.

Particle monitors – which determine the contamination level of the measured fluid on eight size channels and offer precise and complete determination of particle sizes in accordance with international standards.