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The quality hydraulic accessories at MHS will help to ensure your hydraulic system is as reliable as possible. We offer an extensive range of high-quality, high-performance components for the construction of tanks, containers, power units and gearboxes in mobile hydraulics and stationary hydraulics. Oil level gauges including combined thermo switches and temperature sensors, filler necks and breathers made of metal and plastic and a variety of different models, air filters, desiccant breathers, suction strainers and diffusers.


  • Range of accessories in a variety of designs made of plastic or metal with rust-resistant properties
  • Suction strainers and diffusers are positioned within the reservoir and connected directly to suction and return lines
  • Filler breathers allows permanent venting while protecting against contamination
  • Robust, compact and light-weight design.


Stauff’s technical sophistication sets them apart and their extensive product range ensures all applications are covered, from mining and industry to marine and pneumatics.

Brand benefit

MHS is proud to be the largest Stauff distributor in Australia. We stock a diverse range of Stauff’s hydraulic accessories and have the long-term expertise to help you with your needs in our unique environment.

Technical features

Level and temperature gauges – different versions and nominal sizes for combined optical and optical/electrical fill level monitoring and temperature measuring in hydraulic tanks with a maximum preload pressure of 2 bar.

Plastic filler breathers – filling filters and tank filler necks with breathers made of plastic/polyamide for mounting on hydraulic tanks and containers.

Metal filler breathers – robust filling filters and tank filler necks with breathers made of metal/steel for mounting on hydraulic tanks and containers.

Giant air breathers and desiccant breathers -tank breather dryer with optical status indicator using the colour of the drying material.

Suction strainers – for tank installation as the first link in the hydraulic filtration circuit and as a protective filter for hydraulic pumps in mobile and stationary hydraulics.

Diffusers – for installation in hydraulic tanks for direct connection to the return line to calm the return-flow oil and reduce foaming and tank noise.