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MHS service and repair our core range of industrial pumps including Bredel, Watson Marlow, Netzsch. We return the pump units to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tolerances to maintain optimum performance throughout the equipment’s lifetime. The aim is to reduce the total cost of ownership and minimise the potential for pump downtime.

Our skilled team can custom design and build systems to suit your specifications and operational needs. The combined experience of our engineering and drafting department is supported by Solidworks 3D and CAD, and we can provide file outputs to integrate with the engineering design of your total project.

MHS Pumps stock a full range of spare parts and consumables in our Perth-based warehouse for all our core models to ensure that you get the part you need as quickly as possible. The few that we don’t have, we’ll get in for you…

Our top tips for your Bredel Hose Pump:

  1. Verify that the pump hose is chemically compatible with the pumped product. The pumped fluid only contacts with the inside surface of the hose and the hose inserts so this is very important.
  2. Verify that the pressing shoes are correct shimmed for the pump application. The occlusion gap between the pressing shoe and the housing determines the maximum compression applied on the hose. The amount of compression applied to the hose affects pumping performance and the hose life – more compression decreases the tubing life dramatically, while less squeezing decreases the pumping efficiency, especially in high pressure pumping applications. Therefore, correct shimming becomes an important design parameter.
  3. Check vibration, noise level and surface temperature of the pump casing.
  4. Preventative maintenance: a hose replacement regime needs to be established so that hoses are changed prior to rupture occurring. This can be instigated after hose life is determined.
  5. Monitor the hose pump lubricant level. Check for any leaks from the pump casing / hose port o-ring.