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From single and double active piston to cup seals, rod wipers and vee packs to flange seals, and quad rings and o-rings and washers, MHS seals have all your hydraulic and pneumatic seal needs covered. MHS also stock a large range of high-pressure rotary seals, available in metric and imperial sizes, to suit a wide variety of applications. The manufacturing capabilities at MHS Seals allow us to provide customers with one of the largest selections of standard machined seal profiles in Australia. With over 300 standard seal profiles, we are able to meet your seal requirements quickly and efficiently.

Whether you require 1 or 1000, our skilled technicians and precision CNC machines will provide you with the highest quality seals. MHS Seals are able to machine seals up to 2 metres in diameter in Urethane and Teflon. We are also available to machine seals up to 600mm in diameter out of Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, HNBR and Viton. All of our Urethane is produced in Australia to the highest quality and standards, and includes advanced properties which allow them to operate at temperatures up to 120°C and pressures of 10,000 PSI. They have a blend of unique lubricants added to ensure a very low coefficient of friction thus ensuring longer life for the seals and machinery. Material certification is available on all of our machined products.


MHS Seals stock, manufacture and distribute an extensive range of seals for all industries – hydraulic, offshore, manufacturing and mining. We also supply the drilling sector with consumables and rotary seals for custom solutions.

Brand advantage

MHS Seals stock and supply from the most reputable manufacturers worldwide, with many offering material certification. By selecting the best products from each of our suppliers, we can offer an enormous range of seals that are of the highest quality and you can be confident that your equipment will perform efficiently and reliably year after year. We are also able to custom manufacture seals to meet your needs. Contact one of our technicians and we will provide you with a superior seal solution.

Technical information

Seals and O-rings come in a variety of material types to best suit the application. Whether you need polyurethane, nitrile, viton, teflon, silicone or specialised industrial plastic, we can manufacture to your specifications. Profile identification is included in the Seal product catalogue, available for download – or look through our gallery.