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Off-line filtration connects directly to the fluid tank and operates independent of the machinery, allowing it to function when the system is used or not. These filters can offer even greater benefits than in-line filtration alone, such as the removal of water, oxidation products, acids and varnishes. They will extend the life of in-line filters by complimenting filtering at a lower micron level than the in-line filtration systems as the off-line flow rates are not affecting the in-line system requirements.


  • Reduced wear and failure of components
  • Increased oil & component lifetime
  • Longer lifetime of in-line filters
  • Increased availability
  • Fewer oil changes
  • Fewer unplanned breakdowns
  • Reduced oil maintenance costs
  • Lower environmental impact.


  • mining
  • marine
  • wind
  • power
  • manufacturing
  • transport.

Brand benefit

MHS is the West Australian distributor for CJC (CC Jensen), who have established themselves as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of oil and diesel filtration products. Their range includes fine filters, desorbers, vacuum filters, monitoring equipment, filter inserts, and more.

Technical features

Products include fine filters, filter separators, desorbers, gear flushing units, varnish removal units, ion exchange filters, monitoring equipment and oil absorb systems.

Fine filters – with integrated circulating pumps for the removal of particles, water and degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge).

Filter separators – combining fine filtration with water separation all in one unit, with an integrated circulating pump to remove particles, water and oil degradation products.

Desorbers – designed for the removal of large amounts of water from emulsified oils.

Gear flushing units – designed for fast and efficient cleaning of new/refurbished gearboxes and gearbox test systems.

Varnish removal units – designed for an extraordinary efficient removal of soluble varnish from an oil and the removal of contaminants from oil in gas and steam turbines.

Ion exchange filters – particularly useful for turbine control fluids and for regeneration of transformer oils, lowering acidity levels and removing particles, improving resistivity and the surface tension. Available in multiple sizes.

Monitoring equipment – oil contamination monitoring equipment with particle counters for a professional oil maintenance program.

Oil absorb systems – polishing systems used for the removal of oil from bilge water below 5 ppm. Blue Baleen oil absorb systems are cost-effective solutions to bilge- and wastewater problems within industry and marine applications.

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